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My name is Dr. Charles M. Pesson and I have been providing orthopaedic care to patients for over 20 years. My practice is in Cartersville, Georgia. I am Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and my specialties include Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy & Reconstruction, Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery, Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery, and Sports Medicine.

I strongly believe in the importance of pursuing leading edge technologies and offering an advanced approach to orthopaedic care in order to maximize results and minimize recovery time for my patients. I enjoy learning new and innovative techniques in order to offer patients the best and most up-to-date orthopaedic treatment available.

My hope is that this website will serve as a resource for new patients or anyone considering a visit to an orthpaedic surgeon. Please read on to learn more about my practice and how we can help you.

Dr. Pesson now performing patient-customized knee replacement surgery!

While choosing a high performance knee replacement is central to regaining your active life, there is a new technologically advanced surgical procedure that may extend the life of knee implants.

VISIONAIRE Patient Match technology is a remarkable system that uses a patient's MRI and x-ray images to design and build surgical instruments customized for his or her unique knee anatomy.

While every person's knee joint has subtle differences in shape and contour, traditional surgical instruments used to place knee implants are limited in terms of the number of sizes available. In the past, an orthopaedic surgeon would often need to spend time during the procedure modifying a patient's particular unique knee anatomy in order to achieve the propper placement of the implant.

Using this new technology, Dr. Pesson is able to come to the operating room equipped with single-use instruments, engineered exclusively for that patient's knee. Not only does this new process eliminate multiple steps from the surgery, thus reducing time under anesthesia, but an implant placed with this computer-guided precision has a reduced risk of the kind of misalignment that can cause it to wear out before its time.

The technology is truly groundbreaking, allowing even more accuracy in the placement of the implant, while patients benefit from a somewhat less invasive procedure. Because the technology delivers pre-sized and pre-aligned instruments, time in the OR can decrease significantly. For patients, that means a potentially reduced risk of complications.

Talk with Dr. Pesson to find out if VISIONAIRE Patient Match Technology may be right for you.

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